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Dear Church

Thank-you for practically supporting us by resourcing the 4WD for myself and My wife to travel from Mount Isa to Epenara for the indigenous Easter Convention. People came as far as Tennant Creek and Mount Isa in the North, Lake Nash in the East and Alice Springs in the West to meet for the Easter weekend. 


About 150 folk attended each of the three morning sessions and about 500 attended each of the three evening sessions. It was a very precious and sacred time with many people young and old responding sincerely to the good news of Jesus and His love. The hunger for God and willingness to repent from sin and come to the cross was deeply moving. 


So many men, women and young people were touched and convicted by the Holy Spirit. In all my ministry of over 40 years I don’t think I have witnessed such a collective hunger and responsiveness to God and His ways. A baptismal service was conducted by the leaders at a nearby river. The seven Christian ladies from Epenara (who organised the weekend) are rejoicing that two men from their community gave their lives to Jesus. 


(no other men are Christians) There was so much joy amongst the people - we finished the Sunday night service at 11.30pm and people continued to remain for prayer and praise. A most remarkable experience. God did a very special work in answer to the prayers of many. Thankyou for your support and financial help. Please continue to pray for the preservation and multiplication of the fruit. 


Graham and Andrea Sercombe