Service Times
Sunday Service
9:00 am Sunday 9:00 am Sunday
Girls' Brigade
6:00 pm Wednesday 6:00 pm Wednesday
Boys' Brigade
6:00 pm Friday 6:00 pm Friday
OFFICE HOURS - Monday 8am- 11am

Please feel free to visit the office for anything you need!

  • Information about ministries,
  • Updating your contact information,
  • Providing details of an upcoming event or charity that you believe the church might want to promote or assist with,
  • Making a payment for events,
  • Claiming a reimbursement for church related items/utensils/groceries you have paid for,
  • Support for ministry leaders,
  • Photocopying or printing for a church ministry (You can also use this for personal reasons, for a small fee),
  • To pick up helpful church brochures/booklets or a Bible for someone you think may need it (Even for yourself!).