Older & Younger Kids

We have two groups for Sunday School. The group for our younger children is called 'Sonshine Corner,' and our older group is called 'Junior Church.'

Sonshine Corner meets in top hall, children who are 3 years of age to grade 3 are welcome to join. Children in grades 4 to 6 are welcome at Junior Church.


You can expect:

  • Small groups for older & younger kids
  • Songs
  • Memory Verses
  • Bible Stories
  • Activities to help reinforce the Bible Story

Music Playlist

Do you want to know more about the amazing songs our little ones sing at Sonshine Corner?

Do your children want to sing the songs with you through the week?

Or do you feel like listening to some crazy dance music while you're cleaning the house or enjoying that romantic candle-lit dinner?!

Or try it on the Spotify app, by searching for 'MIBC Sonshine Corner'.

Our Music

Listen to the music we sing at Sonshine Corner...

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