Staff & Leadership Team


Tim Grant | Pastor

Tim started in the role as pastor in July 2019. Previously he worked for over 11 years in youth ministry at Glasshouse Country Baptist Church and Tenthill Baptist Church. He holds a 'Bachelor of Ministry' and 'Master of Arts in Theology,' both from Malyon College.


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Emma Knight | Office Administrator

Emma works at our office on Mondays, 8am-11am, and wherever needed throughout the week. She is an extroverted introvert who has made a little family in the Isa over the last 5 years. Life is certainly an adventure!

If you need something done, just present her with a coffee and a smile, and she'll be happy to help. (Bonus points for chocolate!)


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Sarah Beard | Accounts Officer

Sarah keeps the church’s bills paid, working from home (generally on Tuesdays). She is incredibly generous in her service to our church, serving in a number of our ministries. Sarah and her husband Ben have three lovely children and love living in Mount Isa. Don’t be fooled by her ability to “act normal”, Sarah actually has a totally quirky sense of humour.


Christie Jones | Deacon

Christie serves as a church deacon in the role of Treasurer. Christie is a Chartered Accountant having previously worked in the fields of Accounting, Banking and Insurance. These days Christie is taking an extended career break with three young children. Much like Emma, her preferred currency is coffee and chocolate!