GB Sleepover August 2021

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Our sleepover will be held from 6pm Friday 6th August - 4pm Saturday 7th August.

We will be located on-site at Mount Isa Baptist Church, we will not be leaving the church grounds during this time.

In case of emergency during the event, please contact:

Janette Lewis: 0419 735 814

Christie Jones: 0439 910 388

Ps Tim Grant: 0401 953 213

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GB International is divided into five Fellowships - Pacific, Africa, Asia, Europe and Caribbean/America.

The girls will be offered the opportunity to complete the Operaton Reachout award for each of the fellowships over their years in GB - this year we are doing "Europe". All girls that participate in this camp will be presented their "Operation Reachout" award (the white award pictured below) at our annual awards night in November.

Our activities, such as craft, cooking, singing, dancing and games will help the girls to learn about the history, culture, cuisine, GB presence and lifestyle in selected European countries.

The Operation Reachout Award aims to help girls to

  • Understand that God created us all equal and wants us to be part of the body of Christ
  • Recognise the value of belonging to the International GB family
  • Become aware of the need to support members around the world, financially and prayerfully.
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Friday 6th August 2021

6pm - Drop-off

6.30pm - Dinner

7.30pm - Devotion and Activity

8.30m - Supper and Movie

10pm - Lights out.

NOTE: our younger girls are welcome to stay the night, but parents are welcome to sign them out and take them home at 8.30pm if they'd prefer. The girls can return and be be signed back in in the morning.

Saturday 7th August 2021

7am - Breakfast

8am - Activity

10am - Morning Tea

10.30am - Activity

12.30pm - Lunch

1pm - Activity

2.30pm - Afternoon Tea

3pm - Devotion

3.30pm - Clean-up

4pm - Parents pick up

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  • inflatable or roll-out mattress
  • pillow
  • sheets/blanket/sleeping bag
  • closed in shoes
  • warm sleepwear
  • jumper
  • comfortable clothes for Saturday (sun-safe shirts, shorts/pants preferred)
  • basic toiletries
  • hat
  • water bottle
  • bible
  • notepad and pen (optional)
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  • electronic devices
  • make-up
  • food/snacks/treats
  • toys/games
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COST: $20 per girl

Account Name: Mount Isa Baptist Church 1st Mount Isa Girls' Brigade

BSB: 704 -913

Account number: 100001026

Reference: Girls' name + SLEEPOVER